Custom Mirror Framing

Custom Mirror Framing

Mirrors are the perfect edition to almost any décor. They bring light into dark spaces and reflect the beauty of their surroundings.

Discover the beauty and elegance of a Custom framed mirror "a blank canvas" only imagination limiting the possibilities.

At Incurable Collector our mirror manufacturers supply the finest glass beveled mirrors available.

 We can help design and build just the right size mirror for your home, office and/or business. Each mirror is custom crafted and fabricated to your specifications. We carry an extensive selection of frames to match décor and to create truly reflective works of art.


Here is an easy 3-step process you can use to see your project to reality

Step 1

Measure your wall and bring us the dimensions of your preferred finished mirror size. 

Step 2

Visit us and choose the size of the bevel you would like on the mirror from 1/2" to 2" or a straight cut mirror with no bevel. Add the perfect custom frame from our extensive selection of styles and designs and we will custom size it for you.

Step 3

Let us manufacture your custom framed mirror or transform your existing one on site. 

Discover the beauty and elegance of a custom framed mirror "a blank canvas" with only imagination limiting the possibilities.