Needle Art, Cross Stitching, Fabric Art



Incurable Collector specializes in fabrics, needle art, cross-stitching, tapestry embroidery, batiks, bunkas, and any type of textile. These textiles have several different approaches to framing, depending on the specifics of each piece. 

In general, fabrics do not need to be protected by glass. However, after the long hours spent creating these works of art, consider glass a means of protecting them from dust and airborne pollutants.

FRAMING NEEDLEWORKS The methods & products used to frame needleworks may vary depending on the type of work it is. In all cases, it will need to be stretched and mounted or adjusted to keep it flat and straight. Sometimes padding is used, this provides a padded look that can soften the appearance, counted cross-stitch is often matted prior to framing. 

Frames can be whatever colour and style that best suits. Wider, heavier frames can work well with the heavier forms of needle art and strong images but may overpower a dainty cross-stitch with a delicate image but that being said a lot would depend  on the colour and profile of the frame.


Other types of textiles people commonly frame include scarves, quilts, christening gowns, sports jerseys, flags, doilies, brass rubbings, and papyrus on cloth. After over 38 years the list is long we have framed a lot of different fabrics most of them from other parts of the world.

At Incurable Collector we are glad to pass our framing knowledge and show all possible framing options. Our manufacturers offer  an unmatched selection  of custom framing options and are constantly updating new artisan designs that we are proud to display.

Only imagination limits the possibilities of art.