Shadow Box Framing

Shadow boxes represent a specific type of framing where an object is enclosed in a dimensional frame creating a striking display as well as an enclosed preservation environment for the object.

Shadow box framing is the perfect way to display and preserve any 3D object and also to add dimension to any piece of artwork. The glass is raised away from the art or object and can create a tremendous degree of depth depending on the depth of the frame and depth of any raised matting.

What is a shadow box? It is essentially a frame designed to keep the glass off of artwork or art objects.

Everyone has something meaningful to frame that may represent memorable moments in your life or hold a special place in your heart.

Sports memorabilia such as jerseys, balls, bats, gloves, awards, medals, badges, hockey sticks, flags, photos, T-shirts, sports racquets, golf clubs, and any other collectibles that are important.

How about wedding memories in a shadow box with a photo and invitation floating on the bride’s veil or photos from a vacation or event with a souvenir?

There are many unique methods of framing 3D objects. It is important to preserve priceless items like family antiques, memories and heirlooms archivally. Historical war medals and photos are usually irreplaceable and should have archival framing to protect them. Your piece can be completely conserved by using preservation grade matboard and glazing archival matboard, actively shielding the items inside the frame. Additionally, UV-protective glazing protects from light damage.

Shadow boxes should not be forgotten for thin objects or artworks on paper. Raising the glass or matting away from all and any art can create a tremendous degree of depth and add dimension to any piece of artwork.

For inert objects that do not need protection the object can also be framed without glass and attached to a strong backing like wood or laying on the glass with a mat underneath; this is a new and different way that Incurable Collector offers to create a reflected outward dimension. 

From fine art originals and prints to vintage conservation pieces, jewelry, quilts, jerseys, ceramics, sculptures, textiles, and medals. The options and objects are endless. At Incurable Collector we have custom framed tens of thousands of shadow boxes displaying objects as small as miniature hand-carvings, to items as large over 10 feet tall. As long as it will fit into our workshop we can frame it and if it does not fit we are open to bringing the custom frame to you. We specialize in oversize framing and pride ourselves in creating unique designs that both showcase and protect your artwork. All work is handcrafted in house in our customized workshop.

Only imagination limits the possibilities of art!