Fernando Botero

Botero - I Musicisti

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I MUSICISTI"(The Musicians)(out of print original poster from 1991) by FERNANDO BOTERO. Born April 19, 1932. This is quite a rare print.

Fernando Botero is a Colombian figurative artist and sculptor. His signature style, known as ‘Boterismo’, depicts people in large, exaggerated volume. These characters may be depicted alone or in groups and range from those performing societal roles, such as politicians to structure performers such as musicians. For this painting, Botero has created an abundant scene of musicians bursting with passion. Two pages of sheet music have fallen to the floor but the musicians, so engrossed in their performance, pay them no notice. The female singer appears smaller than her fellow band players, perhaps to draw attention to the beauty of her voice.

Print for the Botero exhibition 'Antologica 1949-1991' at the Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Rome, 1991-92.
Medium: Offset lithograph
Paper: Semi-gloss poster paper, printed in Italy
Edition published by LEM, Milan
[Oversized Print]