Leonetto Cappiello

Cappiello "Superbagneres-Lunchon, Sports d'Hiver"

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Dimensions: 30" x 50" Paper and Image (oversize print)

A snowy hill with a chalet at the top. Three people in colourful clothes ski down the hill. Text included on image.

Whether creating an advertisement for fashion, liquor or food, the Italian born Cappiello brought a sense of fun and laughter to every image he made. A self taught artist, he headed to Paris in 1898 to join other artists of his period. He immediately started painting caricatures for the French publication Le Rire. In 1900, he signed a contract to do poster designs for the poster publisher Vercasson. Gradually his style developed so that his images were created using solid lines and strong flat color. His contribution to poster design contemporized this popular art form. Inspired by Cassandre and other well-known poster designers, Cappiello became involved with the poster scene in Paris. He became a naturalized citizen of France in 1930 and retired to Grasse at age 66, having fulfilled his dream to be one of Europe’s most celebrated graphic artists.