Stephen Morath

Stephen Morath - La Primavera

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Fine Art Print • paper size 25 3/4" x 28" image size 20 1/2" x 25"

Please note background is white not gray as depicted

Rare, hard to find print that has been sold out for years.

For over thirty years Stephen Morath has painted scenes from all over the Southwest. His pictures rarely represent an actual place, but rather a place as he thinks it should be. They are often nostalgic, sometimes “cartoony”, sometimes quite naturalistic. Preferring the rural countryside to the unpopulated wilderness, and rarely paints a landscape without some kind of human activity or artifact in it. Indeed, some of his paintings are crowded with non-landscape elements. Often, Morath’s paintings exhibit a touch of humor; others he paints to evoke cosmic feelings; still others are complex displays of fruit and vegetables. He is especially fond of small towns, back roads, and blue highways, where old trucks, low riders, and air stream trailers can be found; and life goes on in a timeless way.